mercoledì 29 luglio 2015

A line wedding dresses on Landybridal

Buonasera a tutti,
questa sera voglio presentarvi Landybridal.
Landybridal è leader del settore nella produzione e nella vendita di abiti da sposa e non solo.
Da oltre 15 anni si impegnano a fornire, sia al dettaglio che all'ingrosso, qualità e convenienza, oltre che un servizio rapido ed un'assistenza clienti eccellente.

Realizzano diversi tipi di linee: una linea di abiti da sposa,  abiti per le damigelle d'onore, accessori, abiti da uomo, bomboniere, regali, borse, e tanti altri articoli...

Troviamo tantissimi articoli favolosi e a prezzi davvero accessibili. 
In particolare voglio mostrarvi alcuni modelli di abiti da sposa a buon mercato sotto i 500 dollari.

Good evening everyone,
Tonight I want to introduce Landybridal.
Landybridal is an industry leader in the production and sale of wedding dresses and more.
For more than 15 years has been to provide both retail and wholesale, quality and convenience, as well as a fast and excellent customer support.

They make different kinds of lines, a line wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, men’s formal wear, wedding favors, gifts, bags, and many other items...

We find many articles fabulous and very affordable.
In particular I want to show you some models of cheap wedding dresses under 500 dollars


Fairy-tale A Line Halter Court Train Taffeta White Wedding Dress

Modest A Line Jewel Court Train Ivory Tulle Wedding Dress


Classic A-Line Halter Court Train Ivory Lace Wedding Dress


Modest Lovely Sheath-Column One Shoulder Court Train Wedding Dress


Che ve ne pare??? Non sono uno più bello dell'altro?
What do you think ??? No one is the best?

Questi e tantissimi altri sono disponibili sul loro sito...
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These and many others are available on their site ...
Discover them all on

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International Package Forwarding Can Advantage Your Export-Import Business

Sending the goods out of the country is known as export and brining in the materials inside the country from a foreign place is known as imports. The ministry of foreign affairs of every country in this globe has set guidelines, which have to be followed to be involved in the global transactions.

Also the person who is receiving or sending packages should pay some custom duties to make sure the item gets a rightful entry. By adhering to the guidelines and payment of the duties correctly your business will flourish towards its objectives quickly and easily. Read on to how more about the international package forwarding services like USGo.Buy can fuel the success of your firm.

One cannot guarantee that all the raw material found in one nation are of the top standard. The standard of natural resources found in different countries differs based on the various factors. So, businesses need procuring raw material from other countries. This is known as importing. The raw materials are then processed to make the finished goods.

 A best international business will try and sell the manufactured produce in the global market to make more revenues by rising the consumer base and demand thereof.

When you use the usgo_buy, you can keep track of the goods in transit. The place of the materials can be seen at different points of time. The various levels of transit are elucidated in the online report. By having a parcel tracking number, you or your consumer can keep a track of the shipment during the different phases.

The tracking does not demand for signing in to the service provider site. Additional, you will also be skilled of the timelines of the transaction, a knowledge which you can make use of while forwarding mails in future.

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lunedì 27 luglio 2015

Increase your eBay Feedback Rating through Parcel delivery services

In recent years, setting up eBay store has proved a famous way to earn money for those without physical office space or those not wanting to brave those chill Saturday afternoons on a market stall. The internet auction websites can provides sellers with an almost instant, huge and captive customer base and potentially very top visibility.

Trust in a seller is an important factor for internet buyers, who want to ensure they are getting what is being explained and what they are paying for. Building up a reputable feedback score can be cornerstone in building a status for perfect service, gaining repeat business and rising confidence amongst first time buyers. The different between a 99% rating and 85% rating could make all the difference between 2 sellers selling the same or similar items when it comes to the point of purchase.

Making sure your parcel arrives on time can be another and likely the important component in a buyer leaving perfect feedback.  A perfect courier service like USGo.Buy is always supportive for quality of service and most of all peace of mind. A mind problem is transit cause issues for the seller even when it is not their fault, so selecting a thoroughly perfect courier could be vital for your feedback rating; there are many private parcel services in the market thriving where the old postal services have fallen behind the standards needed for new day business.

A parcel can be sent to any city in the globe in a couple of days which would have taken weeks only a few years ago. A private delivery service often prove a perfect option for speed, quality and value of service, and leave the traditional postal ideas in their wake with new day strategies. For more detail visit our usgo_buy

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venerdì 24 luglio 2015

Parcel Delivery Service

Running a business may at some area involve sending your packages to other nations, and when you do so you need to be alert that there may be further fees, and you may extremely well be facing some frustrating problems with customs. It might be a bit hard to understand.

Customs firms are part of almost every country and their sole objective to control the people and the packing moving into the nation. They will commonly check passports, and if there is divergence they will take action. The same goes for any packages coming through, and there are few circumstances under which they might reject a package entry into their nation.

For one, the package may be over a unique size, or perhaps it appeared to be doubtful. In most cases anyway the reason relates to certain tax being located on the item entry. If this is the case, then the custom agency will commonly contact you, and any needed fees will be forwarded to your office. You can either send the finance, or you could reject. Note that rejecting will typically end in your package being damaged, which is typically not the answer you are looking for.

Remember that the majority of shipping sites like usgo_buy will also have a perfect amount of information about your parcel. In the UK most shipping firms will list a separate tracking applet for each type of shipment. The typical kinds of shipment are ground, air, rail, and while air is more costly, it is also more perfect. When you are tracking your packages you will generally see detailed information regarding where the package is, where it has been, and what is the ETA, happens to be.

In many cases you will be alerted if there is a delay in shipping of your packages from us_go_buy, and this can be done either by phone, by e-mail, or by text.

giovedì 23 luglio 2015

Homecoming dresses 2015 on Cocomelody

questa sera voglio presentarvi Cocomelodyun sito validissimo che propone abiti stupendi a prezzi convenienti.
Da oltre 15 anni, Cocomelody, si occupa di produrre e confezionare abiti di alta qualità, adatti alle cerimonie, ai matrimoni e alle feste in generale.
Dalla progettazione alla consegna, ecco perchè riescono ad offrire prezzi competitivi con una qualità che non ha nulla da invidiare agli abiti delle grandi marche.

Good Evening,
Tonight I want to introduce Cocomelody, a site that offers valuable beautiful clothes at affordable prices.
For over 15 years, Cocomelody, deals with produce and manufacture high quality clothes, suitable for ceremonies, weddings and parties in general.
From design to delivery, which is why able to offer competitive prices with quality that has nothing to envy to the clothes of famous brands.

Vediamo qualche esempio di cosa possiamo trovare su 
abiti da sposa, abiti da cerimonia, abiti per occasioni speciali, accessori...
in particolare voglio mostrarvi la collezione di abiti da cerimonia 2015 dove troveremo una selezione di abiti da cerimonia al di sotto dei 100€

Here are some examples of what we can find on
wedding dresses, homecoming dresses, special occasion dresses, accessories... 
in particular I want to show the collection of homecoming dresses 2015 where we will find a selection of homecoming dresses under 100




Che ve ne pare??? Non sono uno più bello dell'altro?
What do you think ??? No one is the best?

Questi e tantissimi altri sono disponibili sul loro sito...
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These and many others are available on their site ...
Discover them all on

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Enhance Your Personality with Fashion & Clothes

An international package and mail forwarding service, USGoBuy offers its services to numerous countries through the internet. There are several global buyers who often cannot purchase from online stores of American fashion brands. By registering with USGoBuy, any international buyer can shop from their favorite American brands and have their order delivered to their doorstep.  

The process of registration is free and the buyer is provided with a free address in USA that is used when making the purchase. An easy to implement and reliable method is offered to global buyers who surely benefit from these services. After the order has been placed, it is to be submitted on the website of US_GoBuy, using a link similar to, depending on the brand which one shops from. After the warehouse of USGo_Buy receives the package, the buyer is notified of the delivery. The final shipping is carried out only after shipping charges are paid by the buyer, and the process requires only 90 days.              

Early stages of learning 

An individual in his/her teens can experiment with his style freely since, in these formative years one needs to learn what their style is. An experimenting teen does not look awkward as this is the stage in life when a child learns the ways of adulthood, and the transition is not always smooth. Simple jeans along with a t-shirt can be exchanged for decorative jeans that have embroidery or have been ripped. The pockets of jeans can also be arranged in a certain manner.

Brands are considered fashionable   

A teenager who has no clue what is considered to be fashionable can only rely on fashion knowledge available from parents and fashion magazines. These fashion magazines only showcase clothes from popular brands which lead individuals to believe that wearing branded clothes is considered to be fashionable. And while dressed up in branded clothes one can rarely mess the look created by the ensemble. To purchase clothing and accessories from these online stores one should visit, to get to know more about services offered by USGo.Buy.              

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martedì 21 luglio 2015

Intimo Milena

Buonasera a tutti...
eccomi a parlarvi di un nuovo store online: Intimo Milena

Chi mi segue da tempo sa che spesso vi presento siti ricchi di articoli interessanti ad un prezzo ragionevole, nella maggior parte delle volte sono siti stranieri, questa sera invece voglio farvi conoscere uno "store" tutto italiano.
Intimo Milena... Prezzi da Ingrosso con Vendita al Dettaglio 

Intimo Milena nasce dall'idea del giovane Michele che, registrato su ebay dal 2006, ha deciso di aprire un negozio online.

Su possiamo trovare migliaia di articoli suddivisi nelle varie categorie.



Vediamo insieme qualche esempio

(cliccate sulla foto per andare direttamente all'articolo)

PIGIAMA DONNA LIABEL a 19.99€ con spedizione gratuita

PIGIAMA UOMO ENRICO COVERI a 19,99€ con spedizione gratuita

a soli 25,00€ spese di spedizione INCLUSE


a soli 11,99€ + spese di spedizione 

Questi sono solo alcuni esempi di tutti gli articoli che potete trovare su 

per visitare il negozio cliccate qui --> 

Per non perdere nessun offerta seguiteli anche 
sulla loro Pagina Facebook



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lunedì 20 luglio 2015

SheIn e la mia lista dei desideri

Buonasera a tutti,
come sapete amo scoprire siti nuovi, dove poter comprare belle cose a prezzi contenuti...
Questa sera voglio presentarvi SheIn, un sito bellissimo e ricco di tantissimi articoli: dall'abbigliamento alle scarpe, dai gioielli agli accessori... e tanto tanto altro.
Good evening everyone,
as you know I love to discover new sites, where to buy good things at reasonable prices ...
Tonight I want to introduce Shein, a beautiful site and full of many items: from clothing to shoes, from jewelery to accessories ... and much more.

Ecco una selezione di alcune cose che mi hanno maggiormente colpita.
Here is a selection of some things that I was most affected.

troviamo anche tanti costumi fantastici...

Vasto assortimento di gioielli ed accessori

come questa Bellissima parure di collana e orecchini con gemma blu
Tanti modelli di occhiali da sole

come questi moderni e particolari occhiali neri

Tanti tanti e tanti articoli uno più bello dell'altro!
troviamo anche tante offerte e promozioni

scopritele tutte su 

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Alcatel One Touch Pixi 4

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